Victorian Schools in London (VSIL) is a comprehensive online resource about elementary school buildings in London between 1870 and 1914. The aims of the site are to provide accurate information to everyone with an interest in the schools and to champion the conservation of these wonderful buildings.

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Crawford Street School, Southwark

An unusual and well preserved late Robson school, albeit with a modern entrance porch which is less More

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Southwark: a model borough?

14 September 2011

This blog entry is a discussion of the news item "Southwark Schools: full data now available". Between 1870 and 1914 the School Board for London (SBL) blessed the London Borough of Southwark with a total of 89 school buildings.  This was a di...more

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14 September 2011

Southwark: a pictorial overview. A photoset of some interesting surviving schools in Southwark with text describing the development of school architecture in London...more

14 September 2011

Southwark schools: full data now available. The first draft of the database on Southwark schools is now finished. This has allowed an analysis of survival rates, statutory protection, condition, significance and the current use of schools in the borough....more

25 August 2011

Fire consumes historic schools: In just the last two years at least four Victorian school buildings in London have suffered from fire. One has been completely lost....more

14 June 2011

Recent demolitions at schools in Lewisham...more