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Cobourg Road School, Southwark

Original name Cobourg Road School
Current name Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London
Previous names Cobourg can also be Coburg
Current address Cobourg Road, Camberwell, London
Postcode SE5 0JD
Date of opening 1887
Date of addition(s) Unknown
VSIL grading Classic
Evidence source SBL Map 1904; LCC: Education Service Particulars for the Year 1914-1915. James Hall site visit 2007.
Original architect T J Bailey
Additional architect Unknown
Style Early Bailey
Borough Southwark
Current use Primary education
Condition Good
Protection None
Once surrounded by housing, now in Burgess Park near the lake. A handsome early Bailey school, on three floors with halls, held up in later years as an example of the "Board Standard". Features a handsome fleche. There is an unusual but successful 1950s toilet block to the W side.
© James Hall
© James Hall
© James Hall
© James Hall

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