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Dulwich Hamlet, The, School, Southwark

Original name Dulwich Hamlet, The, School
Current name Dulwich Hamlet Junior School
Previous names Unknown
Current address Dulwich Village, Dulwich, London
Postcode SE21 7AL
Date of opening 1887
Date of addition(s) Unknown
VSIL grading Typical
Evidence source SBL Map 1904; LCC: Education Service Particulars for the Year 1914-1915. James Hall site visit 2007.
Original architect T J Bailey
Additional architect Unknown
Style Early Bailey
Borough Southwark
Current use Primary education
Condition Good
Protection Conservation area
Dulwich Village Infant school is a Church of England school. Dulwich Hamlet Junior School is a local authority school. It would appear that at some time during the SBL period, the Church of England made this pre-existing school over to the SBL. The result is a complex of one and two storey buildings. A one storey building appears to be an example of low key later Bailey, other buildings are earlier in the low grade Gothic style favoured by church schools. A later one storey block appears to have been sympathetically inserted in the 2000s.
© James Hall
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder

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