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Paragon, The, School, Southwark

Original name Paragon, The, School
Current name The Paragon apartments
Previous names Unknown
Current address Searles Road, London
Postcode SE1 4YL
Date of opening 1900
Date of addition(s) Unknown
VSIL grading Classic
Evidence source SBL Map 1904; LCC: Education Service Particulars for the Year 1914-1915. Andrew Saint Appendix 1995. Tim Walder site visit.
Original architect T J Bailey
Additional architect Unknown
Style Late Bailey
Borough Southwark
Current use Residential
Condition Good
Protection None
Between Searles Road, Darwin Street and Chatham Street. Splendid late Bailey school on three floors, in the grand manner with terracotta dressings in a neo-classical style. The regal façade to the North is only marred by a rather poor mansard roof insertion on the fourth floor at the centre. There is a small one stroey block to the West. Ceased to be a school in the 1970s. Converted to housing after 1992.
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder

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