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Boundary Lane School, Southwark

Original name Boundary Lane School
Current name Silverthorne Loft Apartments
Previous names Albany Road School
Current address 400 Albany Road, Camberwell, London
Postcode SE5 0DJ
Date of opening 1877
Date of addition(s) 1904
VSIL grading Classic
Evidence source SBL Map 1904; LCC: Education Service Particulars for the Year 1914-1915.
Original architect E R Robson
Additional architect T J Bailey
Style Middle Robson
Borough Southwark
Current use Residential
Condition Good
Protection None
Between Albany Road, Albany Mews, Boundary Lane and Bradenham Close. The N classroom façade is unaltered middle Robson with an attractive fleche and early plaques indicating a 1877 date. The S façade has E and W wings which appear to be part of the original but an unusual hall treatment, which is slightly off centre and has a plaque indicating a 1904 date. The S façade has third floor mansard lights suggesting use as rooms for drawing (although S facing would be unusual for this). Sympathetically converted into apartments, perhaps in the late 1990s. There are no outbuildings (except the wet play shed, now a bin store) and the Schoolkeeper's House is missing. Perhaps these were replaced by new build apartments on the SW corner of the site which ape the SBL style, not terribly well, but at least do not block the view of the main hall façade from the park.
© Frederick Wolff
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder

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