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Caldecot Road School, Southwark

Original name Caldecot Road School
Current name The Normanby Building
Previous names Unknown
Current address King's College Hospital, Bessemer Road, Camberwell, London
Postcode SE5 9PJ
Date of opening 1914
Date of addition(s) Unknown
VSIL grading Classic
Evidence source LCC: Education Service Particulars for the Year 1914-1915. Tim Walder site visit 2007.
Original architect LCC architects
Additional architect Colonel R W Edis
Style LCC architects
Borough Southwark
Current use Hospital department
Condition Good
Protection None
This school is now the Normanby Building, part of King's College Hospital. The playground is a car park. It is an interesting example of the early style of the LCC schools, leaning on the work of Robson and Bailey but also looking towards the more domestic style derived from Philip Webb which became commonplace in the twenties and thirties. Further research is needed, but it is probably by the LCC team trained under Bailey in the late Edwardian period. Despite its new use it is very much as built externally, with the execption of an alteration to provide a new entrance. An unusual survival which shows how a redundant school can be put to good new public use without excessive alteration.
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder
© Tim Walder

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